Saturday, September 17, 2016

Design & Development!

Title say's a lot, yes 2016 has drag me in both designing and development parallely. I feel great doing both together, concentrating on design's making my work more interesting. Developing my own design's is more enjoying than earlier. Behance is a great designing platform, and I have been obsessed with restaurant website design's. Wordpress development went to a lone path when I got extremely involved in designing but still wordpress is a great thing to me, though for some reason ignoring nowadays!:(. Forget wordpress, I have a lot to tell about designs, better have a look at few of my recent designs, more coming soon!

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Best Collection of Book Cover Mockup's for Designers

I have been busy with my works last few months, and my resources have been waiting to be told, to be shared with people. Finally I made some time to do justice with them.

So, I am going to share some Best Book Cover Mockup's for you guys today and also I will share a video link where you can easily find how to use a Mockup.

Download Link -
How to use -

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Hour of 2015!

Facebook is so much busy with other stuff loaded on it, twitter is full of celebrity trends! where should I go...?!!
Yes I have the very own Blog spot Blog, I can put my New Year Status there! so my 2015 First status is on the way... wait, wait wait! Yes.

Status - I was writing a status about creating a word press widget on the very first hours of 2015! Love you word press, Love you Google Products,...:D

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Designing & Developing a successful website - A Web Designers Note

A website is designed and developed only for the clients, in other word 'visitors'. And the website owner has a purpose to reach out with to the visitors. So the web designer is the person who makes it possible for both the visitor and website owner to come together through a website.

Main task of the designer, is making the website purpose serving. Yes the website must send its message to the viewers successfully. In that case the designer has to keep it in mind that he design the web site smartly keeping the user in mind. First thing the designer must do is researching about the website and its visitors, that may be followed by some steps, and they are.

  • Understanding the purpose of the website/ What the owner of the website is trying to say through the website.
  • Who are the most possible visitors of the website.
  • What pattern of visual look they like
  • What is their age range

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Colors in Web Design and their meaning!

Designing  website templates is a challenging job and the main challenges in it are 
1.     understanding the website's purpose, ?
2.     why is the website being developed, ?
3.     what it is supposed to tell it's visitors. ?...etc

To meet the requirement and have a successful website, color combination should be highly prioritized. So one have to know about the colors meaning such as which color indicates what mode or message. I have read about it somewhere on the internet, from that post here are the color names and their meanings. Have a look! 

Red – Attention, excitement, anger, love, warmth, life, blood 
Yellow – Happiness, competence, enthusiasm, wealth, sophistication. 
Green – Balance, good taste, envy, health, money, harmony. 
Orange - Passion, originality, and freshness 
Blue – Honesty, masculinity, competence, coldness, loyalty, trust, reliability. 
Pink – Feminist, love, compassion, sophistication, sincerity, romance, gentleness. 
Black – Grief, sophistication, expensive, intelligent, death, slimming. 
White – Purity, simplicity, order, innocence, cleanliness, neutrality.

Note - unfortunately I can not provide the original post link as I have lost it, please Google it if you feel any doubt or need to know details. I collect and keep posts for my own collection.

Thank you!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death, White Screen at wp-admin!

White Screen of Death is a serious problem for a developer. The trouble it prepares is that It will stop you from accessing your WordPress admin panel. Its obvious to get tensed if you can't access wp-admin panel and the worst thing about white screen of death is that it sometimes only affects a specific portion of your website. Like you will only see the white screen of death on your WordPress admin but everything else keeps working alright. On the other hand, different problems may happen such as you may only see it on a specific post and as I said that everything else operates just normal.

Why this problem arises ?

May be some plugin you are using are malfunctioned or troubling, or sometimes it happens because of poor coding, maybe for just a simple white space on your function.php lead your wp-admin to go white screen of death.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Leverage Browser Caching

Web developer's have to take care all the aspects which keep a website fast and smart in every challenge. One can easily check the performance of his/her website from several testing tools, but how to overcome all those fixes notified by the tool ? 

OK let's start discussing about them, hope we can find a way out...