Saturday, December 20, 2014

Designing & Developing a successful website - A Web Designers Note

A website is designed and developed only for the clients, in other word 'visitors'. And the website owner has a purpose to reach out with to the visitors. So the web designer is the person who makes it possible for both the visitor and website owner to come together through a website.

Main task of the designer, is making the website purpose serving. Yes the website must send its message to the viewers successfully. In that case the designer has to keep it in mind that he design the web site smartly keeping the user in mind. First thing the designer must do is researching about the website and its visitors, that may be followed by some steps, and they are.

  • Understanding the purpose of the website/ What the owner of the website is trying to say through the website.
  • Who are the most possible visitors of the website.
  • What pattern of visual look they like
  • What is their age range

Because understanding the user behaviour will help you organizing the elements, using colors wisely. Mostly the design will be a absolute justice to its user. After doing that, The Designer have to start thinking about the content of the website,
  • How to plan them, 
  • How place them, 
  • What should be their colours (To know details about the web colours, Click Here), 
  • How much area they should be given, 
  • What will be the font size, and 
  • Which content should come first and which last.
To Be Continued...


  1. nice post, to sum up all I must say one should be sincere about his/her project and that will make a successful design, is not it?

    1. well said, if you are sincere about the project then you will surely be aware about the fact I mentioned in this article...:)